Attendance & puntuality

Every second matters in school to ensure our children reach their potential.  Our attendance system aims to ensure that no child is disadvantaged by poor attendance and punctuality. Through our positive partnerships, we endeavour to achieve excellent attendance for all.

Monitoring attendance and punctuality

Mrs Barker & the SLT monitor attendance daily. Text messages are sent, or phone calls are made to parent/carers if their child is absent through our first day response system. Every minute counts, and we don't wait for a child's attendance to drop below a certain level before we intervene. If attendance and punctuality is not meeting expectations parents will be offered support in improving this before a formal meeting is planned. If attendance and punctuality fail to improve the Education Welfare Service will be contacted and a formal meeting with the Headteacher will be held. 

Holidays in term time

Parents and Carers MUST use the Application for Leave Form to apply for a term time absence (not for sickness).  The Headteacher can only authorise absence in exceptional circumstances.

Holidays in term time will not be approved.

Failure to apply in advance for holiday leave for a child during term time can result in the local authority issuing an EPN (Education Penalty Notice). 

Parents must understand that taking your child out of school during term time affects your child's progress,attainment and friendships.

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Attendance over time

Our final attendance for 2021-22 was 90%

Attendance figures 2023-23

End of Autumn 2022 - 93%

End of Spring 2023 - 92%





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