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At St Augustine’s we are passionate about providing the best quality of education for all our children, in a safe and inclusive environment. An exciting, broad and balanced knowledge curriculum, which is rich in experiences that will develop children’s knowledge, skills and understanding. Experiences that stay with them forever. A curriculum, which challenges and motivates,encouraging our children to be bold, be brave and dream big! We will ensure the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development, well-being and personal development of all our children, to enable them to work well in collaboration and celebrate difference. Appreciating their uniqueness and recognising their potential. 


Children will be ready for Secondary School and the ever changing world we live in, well rounded, happy individuals, equipped with good skills in reading, writing, maths and good knowledge in all subjects. They will have other well-developed attributes including, participation, resilience, collaboration, a passion for learning and achieving and good behaviour. 


And also by working with our families, we will create an aspirational school community in which everyone is valued, successes are celebrated and children flourish.

If you need any further information about our curriculum please speak to your child's teacher or contact the school office on 01928 568936.



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